Edufelt Academic Suite

A robust, flexible, scalable, and affordable school management system for Nursery, Primary, and Secondary Schools.
Edufelt is meant to foster academic activities as well as enhance communication between parents, teachers and management, as well as increase competitive spirit amongst students/pupils.
A One-Stop solution for your school needs.

Core Features

Online Result Processing

Easily Compute Results online and publish. Saves time and Cost. Ensures Accuracy

Online Fees Payment

Let parents pay their ward's fees with convenience. Track Payments realtime

Online Assignments

Lets students/pupils build up capacity in effective utilisation of the internet for academic activies

E-Library (Virtual Library)

Improve students/pupils engagement in studying over the internet with a collection of books freely available.

Students/Staffs Portal

Get your staffs and students actively engaged in the tech-based capacity building.

Online Admission Processing

Let parents register their wards and complete the admission process online. Make your customers happy.

Biometric Attendance

Keep right track of your student's/staff's punctuatlity by taking daily biometric attendance

Career Guidance & Counselling

Exposes students to audio-visual resources to build and prepare them for their chosen career

Lots More...

Gain advantage of our upcoming features. We're in to keep you in top-notch technological advances.

The Vision

Edufelt seeks to ensure schools meet up with the goal of capacity building in terms of Computer Literacy and ICT knowledge & utilization amongst Students/Pupils from the foundational level of Academics, to enhance knowledge.

Edufelt is envisioned towards accomplishing Goal 4 (Quality Education) of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To provide most affordable yet powerful tool for schools

Awesome Features

Free Website for your School

You get a fully dynamic & self-managed website for your school on registration. You don't need to call us first!

Fully Responsive

You can do everything on your mobile phone without stress.

User Friendly Interface

Intriguing look and feel while surfing through the pages

Fully Customisable

Lots of available features to choose from to suit your school pattern

Speedy & Smart Grading

Student Result Grading has never been this accurate, simple & fast.

Free & Automatic Upgrades

No hidden charges to all our existing and upcoming features. Best of all you can think of.

Why EduFelt?


Speedy & Accurate

Your results can easily be computed and available online within the shortest period of time


Paperless Solutions

You now can avoid printing expenses and overhead costs in preparing report sheets, etc.


99.9% Data Security

Your data remains safe and secure overtime for as long as you want them. No need to worry about security. We handle all for you.


Less Work, Greater Output

Reduce workload on Staffs with this more efficient online management tool and create time for other activities.

Fully Customisable

Suits your taste

Edufelt is built as a CMS which enables you to simply make settings as applicable to your school. Available Just as you Want it.


Scale along with others

Edufelt exposes you to other great ideas as implemented by other schools such that your school can implement and improve of it's standards.

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